XVII th. century

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By Fire and Sword

Sienkewicz come alive. Eastern warfare XVIIth century written by Poles. (but they don't win all the time). 
Many figures actually come from  Poland!  See the page on figs choices and comparisons

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I have Poles and Swedes. Actually my Swedes became more Thirty years war than 1660 but I am not to be too picky for messy periods like this one.. 

As usual all 15/18mm minis, (but it do look with envy to 28mm as everything exists but price and compatibility with all my terrain)

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And my long time dream, the 30 years war. 

So far most existing figures were made for the English civil war, so few of the more typical European types. Mostly only Khurasan miniatures did.
I mix everything that fits together, that can make sense. 
One day might have proper French and Spanish types too.

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After getting the frederician version, now the "Twilight of the divine right" rule set. And it fits

One unit is a a Swedish brigade, or a (late-why would they never be on time?) tercio (1500 men) or a "regiment" of 1000 foot or 500 to 800 horse. A lot of work started to have my By Fire and Sword "Swedes" convertible and heavily augmented to provide two armies and allow me to cover most of the the first half of the 30yw.



Maybe the best thing, but a bit long and slow, so be played online with vassal and the battles on table instead of the inbuilt system, unless too lopsided.
Won by the sword by GMT, (there is a vassal module there) and more presentation here.
Analysis and more of this game on boardgamegeek .

TIME SCALE 5 to 7 days per Turn
MAP SCALE Point to Point
UNIT SCALE Infantry Regiments = 800-1000 men (1-1/2 unit on table)
Cavalry Regiments = 400-500 men (1-2/3 of a unit on table)
Detachments = 200-300 men
Artillery Units = 8-10 guns (2 guns on table)

Does not that fit nicely with TWILIGHT OF THE DIVINE RIGHT? (or other systems). I will study more of the terrain making, as having historical battlefields located on some map zones and allowing for a die roll system to chose them or another, plus sort of scenario generator for encounters when it is not obvious from the boardgame. You can also use the system by the creative thinking "Steve Balagan"   with his card system for randomized terrain. Never underestimate what has been already done well by another!  .

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